Style Sheet

EWR Manuscripts should be prepared in Microsoft Word (or a similar program) and should follow the MLA Handbook, 8th ed., with internal citations and a list of works cited. Articles that are not in MLA format will be returned.

• Essays should be approximately 20-25 pages long, 5000-8000 words.
• Avoid the use of quotation marks or italics for emphasis.
• Do not include any headers or footers (such as hard-coded footnotes) in the manuscript file.
• Contributors are responsible for the accuracy of their articles including quotations and bibliographical citations, which should be checked against their original sources before articles are submitted.
• Contributors are responsible for obtaining all necessary permissions upon acceptance of the essay.
• South, North (nouns) and southern, northern (adjectives)
• Capitalize Black when discussing race (MLA capitalizes Black Lives Matter and defers to Merriam Webster and the Chicago Manual of Style on matters of capitalization that it does not directly address. Following these sources, we have chosen to capitalize Black and generally to lowercase white, although contributors can make the case for capitalizing both in their articles).
• Do not use ellipses at the beginning or ending of quotations. Do not bracket ellipses except to indicate that quotes include both original and added ellipses, in which cases the source of each ellipsis must be made clear. If ellipses join two sentences, please use 4 periods (jump…. They).
• Use a comma before the last member of a series of three or more coordinate elements.
• Use “which” for nonrestrictive phrases and clauses and “that” for restrictive phrases and clauses.
• Use “such as” when giving examples and “like” when illustrating a similarity.
• Citations:
—Interviews with Welty should be cited according to MLA to Welty, not the interviewer, and if collected in Prenshaw’s Conversations or More Conversations, cross referenced.
—Whenever possible, contributors should cite texts in The Library of America’s Complete NovelsStories, Essays & Memoir, and Occasions: Selected Writings.

The following standard abbreviations are used in parenthetical citations. Texts not collected in these volumes are cited according to MLA format or by stipulated abbreviations.

Standard Abbreviations